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What is a rear extension?

Popular for detached properties or those that have no side return access, a rear extension is attached to the back of your property. They extend the size of your house, providing you with additional living space. The interior design of a rear extension tends to be open plan, with room for a kitchen, dining room and seating area.  

How long does it take to build a rear extension? 

Most rear extensions should be constructed within four to six months, although it can potentially take longer for a larger build. However, it is worth considering that the professional design process and any relevant planning permission can take a similar amount of time to the actual build, meaning that you should roughly allow one year for the project to be completed.  

Why are rear extensions popular? 

Attaching a newly, built rear extension to your home might seem like a costly and long-winded process. However, this is often more cost-efficient than moving house. Not only this, but it increases the amount of living space you have access to, while also positively impacting the value of your home.  

For properties in built up areas, a rear extension really makes the best use of the space you have available. This type of extension usually extends across the full width of your property, providing you with more natural light for your ground floor.

Do you need planning permission for a rear extension? 

Generally, rear extensions are considered permitted development if they meet the relevant criteria. These key points include, ensuring that the extension is not higher than the existing roof, as well as using similar materials on the extension, to those already on the existing house. The fact that there is no need for planning permission, makes rear extensions relatively easy to design and build. 

Is a rear extension worth it? 

Rear extensions are one of the most popular choices for people who are looking to expand their home. This is because properties tend to have more usable space at the back, whereby they can extend their living space onto the garden.  

What are the uses of a rear extension? 

While, rear extensions are commonly used to increase the size of the kitchen or living room, they are surprisingly versatile, with the new space potentially allowing you to accommodate a standalone playroom, home office or sunroom.  

Building outwards from the back of your property also gives you scope to construct a double storey extension, meaning you can create an extra bedroom or bathroom on your upper floor. 

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