What is a single storey extension? 

Single storey extensions are built onto the house, with at least one side of the extension attached to the property. They are a great way to transform the downstairs area of your house. Often a more cost effective alternative to moving house, building a single storey extension can add significant value to your home. With additional space in your home, you may be able to have a new dining room, kitchen, home office or even a bedroom.  

Do you need planning permission for a single storey extension? 

If you stick to the relevant guidelines, then you most likely will not need any planning permission, although it is still advised to consult with your neighbours before you start building a single storey extension. If your neighbour complains about your extension to a local authority, you may be requested to complete a retrospective planning application.

What is a double storey extension? 

Double or multi-storey extensions can be built onto any part of the existing house. Generally, this consists of two additional rooms being built, to create a new part of ground and second level floor. This transformation usually occurs to allow homeowners to add an extra bedroom, bathroom and dining room.  

Do you need planning permission for a double storey extension? 

Double storey extensions do not necessarily need planning permission if they fit within certain permitted development guidelines.  

These include ensuring that the eaves and pitch heights are no higher than those of the existing house, although if the building is within two metres of a boundary, the overall maximum eaves height is restricted to 3m. You can only extend up to three metres from the original house, but it must be more than seven metres from the rear boundary.  

It is also important to consider that two storey extensions to the side or front of the original house are not permitted development, while the materials used should be similar in appearance to that of the existing house. 

How to choose between a single or double storey extension? 

Choosing whether to get a single or double storey extension depends on your personal preferences and situation. Having a single storey extension will not only increase the living space in your home, but dependent on the design, it is likely you will be newly equipped with large folding doors that allow you to maximise light entering the property.  

On the other hand, a double storey extension gives you the same space downstairs, as well as providing you with the possibility of an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs. It is the more expensive option, although the cost is not double, because a lot of the expensive structural work is already in place. 

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